My Leadership Style and My Inspiration


My vision of leadership

A vision is simply a picture of an ideal state of what the leader wants their organization to be in the future (Richter, 2013).  My vision of leadership is to have sustainable leadership with a high understanding of my diverse teams, and also to work hand in hand.  In order to achieve and define my visions, there are some aspects of leadership that I consider essential such as consistency, clarity, effective communication and integrated in behaviour and leadership style. According to the video, personal development is the most important aspect from a leader. Your behaviour defines how effective is yourself as a leader. A woman in the video said about her manager who was consistent of his goals and influenced all employees. I personally think that to be a leader or manager, we have to show consistency in our behaviour in front of our teams. It is important you act and manage your business with consistency otherwise, you are planting the seeds of confusion, distrust, and lack of respect with your employees, partners, suppliers, and customers (Adam – Hall , 2013). Therefore, all employees will trust and respect us as the leader if we have the consistency in our behaviour, then they will be influenced and will together have consistency in doing their job. Clear message and effective communication will prevent misunderstanding within the team. It is so important to have the clarity aspects in internal communication between the leader and teams.

The way to measure how effective the leadership style used is to know the integrated level of communication within the team.


My inspiration of effective leadership

The leadership structure of Google inspires and helps me understand the effectiveness of leadership. The moment I read the success of Google, I was really intrigued with the men behind that success leadership. Eric Schmidt, one of CEOs in Google that work alongside with Larry Page and Sergey Brin, the CO – founder of Google is a good example of leader. Him and the management team at Google have been showing effective leadership scheme towards its 30,000 diverse employees worldwide (Google Company, 2013). We strive to maintain the open culture often associated with startups, in which everyone is a hands-on contributor and feels comfortable sharing ideas and opinions (Google Company, 2013).  There are some unique aspects of leadership style of Google that provides a lot of facilities to entertain its employee such as free food, spa, sports, leisure area and more. Google is believed to use a democratic style of leadership, where the focus of power is more with the group as a whole and there is greater interaction within the group (Mullins, 2012). With these leadership styles and facilities, Google subjects to Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs, when once the needs fulfill, the productivity will be increased. Google has proved it with the growing market share and turnover over these years.

I am so inspired with the way Google lead its employee because I think it is so effective how they put their human resources as top of company priority in order to achieve the business objectives. Google shows me that human resources is the core of the business.



Feedback from my colleagues that has helped me

I have once received feedback from my colleagues to be more focussed and to be more conscious with time management. I found that feedback really helpful to develop my personal behaviour, therefore I can develop my leadership skill as well. I have been adapting both positive and negative feedback from my colleagues to develop myself better. For instance, I am now more focus on what I need to do and what I need to have done. The result is I feel more have control over myself.

Leadership style

I found two leadership styles towards subordinate staff and the focus of power matches with my flexible personality. Those are democratic style and laissez – faire (genuine) style. Democratic style is where the focus of power is more with the group as a whole and there is greater interaction within the group. Whereas, genuine style is where the manager observes members of the group are working well on their own and will available if help is needed (Mullins, 2012). I personally think it will be more effective to combine those leadership styles, as their focus is similar such as freedom and people. Therefore, I will develop those leadership styles and combine it with my personal development, in order to achieve effective leadership. On occasions where I have lead teams in my course, I ensured that the whole team understood the goal of the task involved and that I delegated work according to my understanding of each team member’s strengths.



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