My Leadership Style and My Inspiration

  My vision of leadership A vision is simply a picture of an ideal state of what the leader wants their¬†organization to be in the future (Richter, 2013).¬† My vision of leadership is to have sustainable leadership with a high understanding of my diverse teams, and also to work hand in hand.¬† In order to […]

Ethical Leadership

The importance for top-level management in modern organisations to exhibit and practice ethical leadership has ever increased. Effects of ethical leadership can vary positively and negative on the organisations and the employees. Ethical leadership though should come from the very top, CEO level.   Effects on individual effectiveness:   Positive Ethical leadership must be displayed […]

Manager or Leader?

The terms leadership and management are often used interchangeably, and although both share similarities, they also have significant differences. Mullins identifies that the changing nature of organisations are shifting focus on coaching and teamwork rather than a controlling and performance based environment (Mullins, 2013). According to Drucker (1999), “management is doing things right, leadership is […]

The Importance of Managing Diversity

The Value of Productive Diversity Global expansion and the development of multi-national business have been affecting the employment structure of companies worldwide over time. Diversity in the workplace becomes really critical for the company to engage the employees and achieve the business objectives. With diversity in the workplace, the company provides the platform for the […]